Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

Mitchell Beazley (2017)
Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

The food of Ghana tends to come as a dual revelation for those who haven’t experienced it — there’s all that irresistible flavor, for starters, and then so many of the traditional dishes (as well as Adjonyoh’s contemporary twists on West African traditions) are seriously good for you. (Start by considering the salads: here in Adjonyoh’s essential book you’ll find plantain salad and warm yam salad and three-bean salad and a salad with avocado, papaya, and ginger.) With passion and verve, Adjonyoh makes it clear that we all need more okra soup and baked cassava fries in our lives. As she writes, “For too long, Africans have kept their amazing food a greedy secret, cooked and closely guarded by mothers and grandmothers in the home.” Sharing is caring.

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