The Flavour of Spice

Hachette (2017)
The Flavour of Spice

As an Indian food writer who has dedicated 30 years to her love affair with spices (including amassing a large collection of eclectic spice-grinders), Marryam Reshii’s devotion to her subject matter is infectious. Reshii dives deep into the origin of each spice, tracing its journey, unearthing lesser known facts, and curating a trove of spice-enriched recipes from around India. The book is an overwhelming takeover of the senses. By the time you are halfway through, you’ll be standing in the middle of Khari Baoli — Asia’s largest wholesale spice market — wanting to touch, smell, and taste everything.

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The Benefits

Grinding your own spices is a tactile experience, stimulating your senses. It allows you to focus on the task at hand and shut out distractions. Not to mention spices (particularly freshly-ground) are incredibly good for you — many with anti-inflammatory properties and other perks for your body such as:

  • Soothing the gut
  • Uplifting your mood