The Essential Northeast Cookbook

Penguin (2014)
The Essential Northeast Cookbook

India’s northeast, flanked by China, Tibet, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh, is a geopolitical hub, accounts for nearly eight percent of the area of the vast country, and is home to over 200 tribal groups. This vibrant medley of languages, music (there’s a Bob Dylan festival held religiously each year), and culture of indigenous peoples is best sampled by their cuisine. You can say the northeastern region’s cuisine is a sibling of Southeast Asia’s as it is influenced by both its neighbors and their indigenous culinary practices. Bringing out the cuisine and its culture is Hoihnu Hauzel, India’s leading expert on northeastern cuisine. Full of fresh flavors, matchless greens, and healthy cooking techniques, Hauzel’s definitive book on northeastern gastronomy is a great way to know the region, its food, and its people.

The Benefits

Hoihnu Hauzel highlights India’s northeastern cuisine with:

  • Indigenous cooking techniques using nutrient-preserving leaves and bamboos
  • Use of seasonal, fresh produce showcasing medicinal benefits of local food
  • Healthy recipes focused on culinary diversity, flavor, and ingredients.