Ocean Greens

The Experiment (2015)
Ocean Greens

“Ocean Greens” is a beautiful book on the vegetarian bounty that the sea offers which simultaneously elevates our cooking and offers nourishment. As planet-friendly ways of sourcing and producing nutritious food gain momentum the big blue has come under the spotlight for being a source of green food. After all, algae were one of the first forms of life on earth. Seaweed offers macronutrients, plant proteins, and fibers that are easily absorbed by the body. From sourcing and harvesting to revisiting culinary traditions of consuming seaweed and sea vegetables to seeking new ways to incorporate them into our cooking, this is the go-to book. Entrees to toppings, salads to soups, sweet (!) to savory? Yes, ocean greens are the key ingredient for a wide variety of recipes.

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The Benefits

Read this book to learn:

  • The many varieties of edible seaweed across global coasts
  • Their nutritional and health benefits
  • The various ways to make delicious dishes of the ocean’s greens