Juice + Nourish

The Experiment (2015)
Juice + Nourish

Rebecca Ferguson's "Juice + Nourish" is a delicious dive into the holistic goodness of juices and smoothies. A nutritional therapist, naturopath, and former model, Ferguson's seasonal and inventive combinations of vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, nuts, and seeds are a great way to drink your way to good health. The book offers nutrient insights, hydration and healing guidance, and explains the power of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It includes efficient prep techniques, smart substitutes, and the right equipment for your home juice bar. From liver cleanses to heart health, there is a rainbow of liquid recipes for gut health, mood-boosting elixirs, good skin and hair, restful sleep, blood sugar balance, and hormonal health for women. (Gentlemen, worry not! There’s a “Well Man Juice” with broccoli, ginger, beet, and red grapes, especially for you). Say cheers to "Juice + Nourish," making smoothies and juices delightfully glamorous.

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The Benefits

Read this book to learn how smoothies and juices are:

  • A convenient way to detox and heal
  • Supportive of gut health and a natural source or fiber
  • A nutritious way to keep phytonutrients and enzymes intact