How the Banana Goes to Heaven

Westland (2010)
How the Banana Goes to Heaven

How the Banana Goes to Heaven by journalist and author Ratna Rajaiah is a delightful vegetarian cookbook that delves into the world of healthy foods from south India where the author hails from. With India being a center for thousands of cultivated food plants and boasting twelve biodiversity hotspots, Rajaiah traces the history of superfoods the world is celebrating to their Indian culinary roots through delicious recipes. The book highlights superfoods such as millets, moringa, amla, and jackfruit among others, while emphasizing the significance of fiber-rich Indian plant protein like dals. It also provides an insightful breakdown of indigenous fruits, their historical and mythological backgrounds, and nutritional benefits. And what’s the deal with the title of the book about the banana going to heaven, you ask? A Tulu language saying from Dakshin Karnataka, in southwest India, goes that the banana fiber, used to string garlands for the gods in the temples, arrives up in heaven along with the floral offerings. Similarly, nutritional, and medicinal wealth in Indian cooking and ingredients are entwined with delectable food. 

The Benefits

Read this book to know:

  • India’s many nutrient-dense plant foods that shape culinary health
  • Healthy cooking methods for south Indian heritage recipes
  • How these recipes entwine nutritional benefits and wellbeing