The Great Indian Thali

Roli Books (2022)
The Great Indian Thali

This gorgeously produced book takes the reader on a delicious journey of vegetarian dishes across India. The author of several books on healthy vegetarian cooking and wellbeing, Nandita Iyer introduces showstopper recipes from various Indian states in The Great Indian Thali. Iyer celebrates the versatility of seasonal Indian vegetarian dishes, and the traditional wellness wisdom associated with them. The chapters in this book are named after ritu or seasons, as celebrated in ancient Sanskrit verses. As you peruse the recipes, access a playlist of soulful Indian classical ragas curated by Iyer (who is also a singer) via accompanying QR codes. Corresponding to different seasons, the music is an immersive way to make your food sing.


The Benefits

Read this book to:

  • Understand the diversity of vegetarian food in India
  • Try 70 easy-to-make seasonal recipes
  • Celebrate festivals, seasons, regions, and communities with plant-based foods