Heal with Foods

Rupa (2022)
Heal with Foods

Wellness coach Manjari Chandra is a nutritionist with leading Indian hospitals and Heal with Foods is a culmination of her experiences with people who suffer from diabetes, insulin resistance, micronutrient deficiency, and inflammation. Her book is for those leading rushed lives who tend to eat processed foods or turn to unhealthy ingredients when rustling up meals. Heal with Foods is full of tips to help you understand the fine print on ingredient labels, identify processed and artificial ingredients, and cook dishes that don’t compromise on taste. The book lists whole, unprocessed ingredients to make your next meal healthy and tasty, from good fats to millets and ancient grains, vegetables, fruit, and fresh or dried herbs and spices for your pantry.   

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The Benefits

Learn to heal with food by:

  • Making the right food choices in the supermarket
  • Picking budget-friendly, whole food alternatives to processed food
  • Learning easy, healthy recipes