Dr. Rupy Cooks

Ebury Press (2023)
Dr. Rupy Cooks

London-based doctor Rupy Aujla’s work in the field of nutritional medicine has produced bestselling cookbooks born of The Doctor’s Kitchen, his website and social media platform, which aims to inspire people to improve their health through food and lifestyle changes. Aujla’s fourth book, Dr Rupy Cooks is on how culinary medicine can be a useful tool for both home cooks and healthcare providers who want to adopt wholesome eating habits and improve the nutritional outcome of cooking in a practical manner. To that end, the 100 recipes in the book are aimed at managing time, with seasonal, easily available, and inexpensive ingredients. Aujla includes Ayurveda principles and the ancestral culinary wisdom of his Punjabi heritage to add depth to the wellbeing quotient of the recipes. The good doctor’s parting advice: The route to nutritional wellness is always to make healthy food tasty.

DIALOGUE | Q&A with Dr. Rupy Aujla

The Benefits

The British doctor and food writer on:

  • Food as nutritional medicine
  • Making taste the focus on cooking nutritious food
  • Resetting gut health with food