Westland (2014)

Renowned South Indian cookbook author Chandra Padmanabhan’s fifth book is an homage to dosa. In Dosai, as it is pronounced in Tamil, she has over 45 dosa recipes for this gluten-free, vegetarian staple, made with a host of nutritious ingredients. The dosa has an impressive culinary heritage; it is even described in verse in 2000-year-old Sangam Tamil literature. Spreading far from its South Indian roots, dosa is popular elsewhere in India and abroad today (just ask Kamala Harris or Mindy Kaling). Dosas are especially beloved for their gut-friendly, fermented qualities and delicious pairings with fiber-rich, detoxifying chutneys. Starting from the traditional fermented dosa, Padmanabhan moves on to recipes for healthy variations from all the South Indian states. There are recipes for dosas made with millet, spinach, cashew nuts, yogurt, oats, mung bean sprouts, jackfruit, and more. Traditional or with a modern twist, Dosai leaves you spoiled for choice.

The Benefits

Learn more about the dosa, including:

  • The nutritional values of different dosa varieties
  • Recipes that incorporate superfoods and healthy ingredients
  • An array of vegan and gluten-free options