The Dal Cookbook

Grub Street (2013)
The Dal Cookbook

In India’s cuisines, dal (stewed lentils) remains a dish both ubiquitous and egalitarian. Krishna Dutta’s The Dal Cookbook makes it easy to understand why. Dutta traces the history of how dal has been consumed — by rich and by poor, by conquerors and colonists, at home and in restaurants. The Dal Cookbook lists the different kinds of lentils and legumes grown across India, and breaks recipes down into four regions while casting dal as a unifying staple. Dutta also delves into the nutritive content of dal, explaining why it is often called “the poor man’s meat” in India. With its author being based in London, the book helpfully provides insights on ingredient availability and substitutions.

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The Benefits

Dal is a versatile plant-based ingredient with a host of nutritional benefits.

  • Adds tasty plant-based protein to food.
  • Offers fiber and amino acids for gut health
  • Can elevate your day and mood with its nourishing warmth