Bras: The Tastes of Aubrac

Phaidon (2022)
Bras: The Tastes of Aubrac

This elegant cookbook from legendary chef Sébastien Bras includes the story of his family where recipes are passed on like heirlooms through generations. The chefs of the Bras family are credited for their culinary imprints on modern French cuisine, and it all began at Aubrac, a picturesque and tranquil region in the south of France. It is a place for “reflection and resolution” for Sébastien, whose father, Michel Bras opened the iconic Le Suquet in 1992. For Sébastien the restaurant kitchen is “not a battleground;” it’s a place for “serenity and respect.” Flip through dreamy pictures of the huge restaurant garden that has over two hundred plants, offering vegetables, fruits, herbs, and roots to the plant-centric menu. It is Bras’s homage to the terrain of Aubrac that serves both as home and inspiration. The book has forty of his celebrated and creative recipes including gargouillou, a traditional Laguiole soup with over sixty vegetables, flowers, shoots, and herbs, and an inventive potato waffle dessert. Bon appétit!

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The Benefits

Bras’s cookbook explains how:

  • Gardening can be a fine art connected to the restaurant business
  • The terrain doubles as culinary inspiration for drawing up a menu
  • To be mindful while building seasonal and regional recipes