Bhog Naivedya

Rupa (2021)
Bhog Naivedya

Both bhog (ritual rice and vegetable dishes) and naivedya (sacred food offerings) are part of Hindu temple traditions. Sujata Shukla Rajan dives deep into the blessed foods cooked at many Indian temples. She highlights the connections between mythology, folklore, seasonal and regional produce, dairy products, and local traditions. Learn about the many kinds of sattvik or wholesome foods made in temple kitchens, from familiar dishes to rare ones — including some recipes that are thousands of years old. The details of how temple kitchens operate, feeding thousands daily, are inspiring. Shukla Rajan’s narration is enlivened by colorful stories of gods and goddesses that make the sacred foods come alive.

The Benefits

Read Sujata Shukla Rajan’s book to discover:

  • The connections between spiritual wellbeing and temple cuisine
  • How cooking with whole foods for feasts and festivals creates community
  • The sattvik and Ayurvedic principles behind nutritious temple food