Ryland Peters & Small (2023)

With over 50 recipes, restauranteur, and photographer Irena Stein celebrates arepa, the traditional cornbread from Venezuela. Gluten-free and dairy-free, these moon-shaped arepas are versatile and a symbol of culinary identity of immigrant food which lend themselves easily to global tastes. Today, this Venezuelan home staple can also be found in arepa bars, swish restaurants, and street kiosks across the United States. Stein’s cookbook teaches how to make the arepa from scratch and easy ways of cooking it, plus many mouthwatering fillings, highlighting seasonal flavors. Make this crisp round pocket in your home kitchen for a taste of Venezuelan goodness.

DIALOGUE | Q&A with Irena Stein

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The Benefits

Irena Stein’s cookbook explains how the arepa is:

  • A healthy, gluten-free option to regular bread
  • Versatile, offering nutritious and seasonal recipes
  • A symbol of Venezuelan traditional cuisine