Taste Makers

W. W. Norton & Company (2021)
Taste Makers

This inspirational book documents the path-breaking work of seven immigrant women who introduced the food of their homelands to Americans. Sensitively told through short essays, these are stories of determination, courage, and the will to succeed in a white, male-dominated space. The stories span from 1921 to the present century, and represent Chinese, Mexican, Italian, French, Indian, Iranian, and Jamaican cuisines. Well-researched and engrossing, Sen’s book borrows insight from cultural studies, food history, women’s studies, and other academic disciplines without ever being heavy or pedantic.

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The Benefits

The contribution of immigrant women to American food opens your mind to

  • Culinary wisdom of ancient cultures
  • Building community and identity through food
  • Practicing self-love through food memories
  • Food as a tool for positivity