Chartwell Books (2020)

Adaptogens are a class of plants used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, and herbal culinary medicine in Africa, South America, among other places. Chef and dietician Melissa Petitto’s book is a wonderful deep dive into the magical world of mushrooms, herbs, roots, and berries that have been part of ancient healing systems. The word adaptogen, coined by a Russian doctor during World War II to help soldiers and sportsmen develop stamina and energy, has gained currency in contemporary health food space. Petitto lists 70 adaptogens from across the world and their properties and healing capabilities for boosting stamina, mental alertness, immunity, energy levels, and digestion. Her recipes (most of them are soups, elixirs, teas, smoothies, and energy balls) are easy to make and she explains the link between an ingredient in the recipe and its purpose in alleviating stress while boosting energy and stamina. Splashed with beautiful images, this book is a ready reckoner for adding adaptogens inventively to your food.   

The Benefits

Read this book to learn about:

  • The role of adaptogens in alleviating stress
  • Adaptogens and traditional wellbeing culinary practices
  • Easy recipes with adaptogens to add to your daily meals