Meditation 101 with Dada Nabhaniilananda

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My mission at Roundglass is about helping translate wellbeing practices into achievable daily routines for everyone. In this exciting episode of the Living with Sunny podcast, renowned meditation instructor Dada Nabhaniilananda helps demystify meditation, especially for beginners.

Here are some interesting tips shared by Dada Nabhaniilananda to kickstart your meditation journey:

Start small: Begin with a few minutes daily to ease into the practice.

Still your mind: Making meditation more accessible, Nabhaniilananda recommends using music like chants or mantras, to set the mood right. He says, "Music is the language of emotions, aiding in creating the right feelings for a disciplined meditation practice, particularly for beginners."

Finding the right sitting posture: While the 'lotus posture' (sitting cross-legged on the floor) is ideal, sitting straight in a chair works just as well, especially if you're new to meditation. "Comfort is key for beginners, and as you progress, you can explore more traditional postures," says Nabhaniilananda.

Focus on your breath: Breathe naturally through your nose, aiming for deep and distraction-free inhalations and exhalations. Let your breath flow easily through you, fostering a sense of calm.

Don't judge yourself: You cannot be perfect at this right away, but it is important to accept that you are a beginner, and not judge yourself. Distractions are normal. It is important to embrace the journey and keep yourself on track. "Meditation is essentially a form of concentrated thinking. It could be your concentration on an idea, a mantra, a concept, or quite a few different things," says Nabhaniilananda. "It is okay to be imperfect, and if your mind wanders you can always focus on bringing it back."

Embark on your meditation journey with these simple steps. Remember, it's about progress, not perfection.

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