Dr. Jamie Zuckerman on Coping with Stress and Anxiety in Daily Life

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The pandemic has brought to light an increase in anxiety and depression rates across the world, further magnifying the ongoing mental health crisis. Dr. Jamie Zuckerman sheds light on the factors contributing to this crisis, including stigma and limited access to care.

As people continue to call out for help in their family and work lives, Dr. Zuckerman emphasizes the importance of recognizing when stress and anxiety affect our daily functioning. Is it impacting your ability to concentrate, meet deadlines, or causing isolation? Understanding the impact on our lives is key.

During our conversation, we explore the significance of anxiety as a natural human emotion necessary for survival. However, Dr. Zuckerman emphasizes the need for intervention when anxiety becomes unmanageable. Let's uncover effective ways to address and cope with overwhelming feelings.

Mindfulness plays a central role in our discussion, as we explore the effects of being in a constant "fight or flight" mode for extended periods. Dr. Zuckerman enlightens us on how this hyper-vigilance affects our brain and shares insights on how to break free from this cycle. 

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