Dr. Gary Deng on the Need for Mindful Nutrition To Tackle Modern Day Illnesses

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Did you know that the key to preventing many illnesses, including cancer, lies in our choices? It all comes down to what we expose ourselves to in our environment and what we put on our plates.

In this riveting episode of Living with Sunny, Dr. Gary Deng, Medical Director, Integrative Medicine Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center discusses the profound impact of diet and lifestyle on our health. Dr. Deng says, "The modern world has brought with it processed foods that dominate our supermarkets. Unfortunately, these foods often lack the vital nutrients our bodies need."

He highlights how the consumption of excessive sugar and saturated fat is another culprit that we need to be consistently mindful of. He says, "The diet we consumed a century ago was simpler, more natural, and much healthier. Returning to those roots could significantly reduce modern health issues."

Today as we advocate for a plant-based diet, Dr. Deng points out but the most important thing of following a healthy diet is sustaining it. Eating mindfully is equally crucial. "Just like you wouldn't put bad fuel in your car, ensure you provide your body with high-quality nourishment," says Dr. Deng. He mentions the need for shopping mindfully for organic produce, reducing regular intake of sugar, saturated fats and alcohol.

As this conversation Dr. Deng illustrates it is high time for us to nourish our bodies the right way, protect our health, and embrace a holistic approach to wellness with one mindful choice at a time.

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