Cara Bradley on How You Can Optimize Your Mental Fitness

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Did you know even elite performers can't simply flip an on-and-off switch to control their mental state; instead, they must strive for stability and calmness in the midst of challenges. 

In this insightful episode of Living with Sunny, Roundglass meditation teacher and performance coach, Cara Bradley explains what is needed to optimize mental fitness.

Bradley recalls her pivotal experience as a college track athlete, where she tapped into a state of flow, performing at my absolute best. "This mental state was drastically different from my regular competitive mindset. It led me to ponder how we access our optimal state, often referred to as our natural state of presence," she says. This journey to discovering what it takes to optimize the mind, took Bradley through the realms of yoga and meditation, opening up doors not just for performance but for life itself.

However, the road wasn't without its challenges, and I found myself facing burnout while owning a yoga studio.

It was during this period that she delved deeper into the pillars of mental fitness: sleep, nutrition, recovery, and relationships. "I realized that just as people engage in various exercises for physical fitness, we should teach the art of "cross-training" for mental fitness," she says.

Bradley believes mental fitness is the synchronization of our body and mind, fostering well-being and rhythm. The link between the brain and gut is an important factor as well. Our gut ecology produces neurotransmitters that influence mental clarity, acuity, joy, and connection. An imbalanced gut can affect both our immune and nervous systems. We must be cautious in four key areas: diet, stress management, pharmaceuticals, and environmental toxins.

Mental fitness is not a luxury; it's a responsibility we owe to future generations. By setting an example of Wholistic Wellbeing, we can ensure a brighter and healthier tomorrow. 

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