If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

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Dreams are manifestations of our brain at its most potent and creative. Why not make the most of this in your daily life?
If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

What do you dream of? Is it a vacation by the beach, your toes digging into soft powdery sand as the sea breeze caresses your face? Do you dream of living in a beautiful new home with plenty of sunshine, air, and a gorgeous green patch? Or sitting over a scrumptious meal with your family and friends, sharing some laughs?

These are only some of the infinite variations of potential happy imagery that your mind conjures as you sleep. Your dreams celebrate your life, they mirror your hopes for the future, and you do sincerely wish each of your cherished dream comes true. You may daydream too, consciously trying to find a joyful combination of wealth, success, and wellbeing with you as the hero in the story.

When some of the best minds in the world talk about their success stories, they often start with their vision — or their dreams. The biggest ideas, businesses, and solutions were once dreamed up by someone who trusted in themselves enough to take their dreams to fruition. If you allow yourself to dream, you will not only come up with a new way of doing things, but perhaps also discover an entire new way of being.

To begin doing this, it’s important to learn to remember your dreams. How often have you woken up remembering that your dream contained the solution to a puzzling problem, or the key to your success, but couldn’t remember precisely what that solution or key was? I’ve been there, too.

The best way to remember your dreams is to maintain a regular sleep schedule, make a habit of noting down what you do remember when you wake up, and break out of your daily routine: an atypical daily activity will fuel your dreams as it sticks out in both your conscious and subconscious minds. 

You don’t have to be trapped in a ‘eat, sleep, work, repeat’ cycle. Even though the present-day sign of efficiency is often seen as a repetition of this unhealthy work cycle. As humans, we are wired to return to old habits and routines as it provides us with a sense of comfort, but this comfort can also lead to stagnation and be debilitating to our Wholistic Wellbeing. But what if we could escape this repetition while we sleep? 

Our days seep into our dreams. Our daily commitment to responsibilities — work and personal errands — often leaves us asking “does this life resonate with me?” Often, to find the answer, we look back and tap into our happy memories, moments, and experiences. We retreat into the memory of a more jovial and carefree time to escape the reality of the present. These memories, signs of hidden desires, often seep into our dreams too, where we find a sense of wonder.

Some of us even attempt to map out alternate realities, either through lucid dreaming or simply through the strength of their yearning.

So, how do you truly break the rut of your daily life with the help of your dreams? Dreams occur during the final stage of sleep, characterized by rapid eye movement (REM), when the body is immobilized but the brain is most active. “Dream your own reality” is not only a catchphrase; it’s an invaluable piece of advice rooted in scientific fact as when you sleep your brain’s activity resembles it activity during waking hours.

You are actively shaping and planning for your life as you sleep. Dreams are then manifestations of our brain power at its most potent and creative. Why not make the most of this in our wakeful life? The next time you dream a dream, try to remember it, and figure out what made the dream work — it can truly shape your tomorrow, and a new, improved one.  

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