Bart van Melik

Meditation Teacher
From a young age, Bart van Melik was interested in how the mind works. He studied the psychology of culture and religion in graduate school, but it wasn’t until he encountered insight meditation in Thailand that it totally clicked for him. Soon after, Insight Meditation Society co-founder Joseph Goldstein and teacher Carol Wilson visited the Netherlands, his home country, and offered a 10-day retreat. After moving to the U.S. and completing a six-week retreat at IMS, Bart wanted to share the practice with youth. He started volunteering at the Lineage Project, a nonprofit that delivers mindfulness training to young people navigating incarceration, homelessness, school suspension and academic challenges. “These early experiences gave me the opportunity to reflect on power, privilege, race and social location, even my own immigrant status,” he says. “I’ve been shaped by that work.” Today, Bart teaches regular classes and offers daylong courses and retreats. He also brings meditation to a wide variety of populations, from incarcerated youth and veterans with PTSD to corporate employees. He is a co-author of “Still, in the City: Creating Peace of Mind in the Midst of Urban Chaos."
Heumen Netherlands
  • Insight Meditation
Bart van Melik


  • Spirit Rock/Insight Meditation Society

    Teacher Training Program Aug 2020 - Present (4 years)


  • Radboud University

    Master's Degree 1995 - 2001


  • Meditation Teacher

    Insight Meditation Society Oct 2018 - Present (6 years)
  • Meditation Teacher

    New York Insight Meditation Center Jan 2013 - Present (12 years)
  • Meditation Teacher

    The Lineage Project Dec 2009 - Present (15 years)