How a Chipped Nail Imparted Wisdom

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My perfectly imperfect nails impart more wisdom than you might guess from their chipped appearance.
How a Chipped Nail Imparted Wisdom

I finished loading the dishwasher, folding laundry, wiping down the kitchen surfaces and cleaning up dog poop — in that order — then I came outside to relax.

I looked down at my nails.

My perfectly imperfect nails had a story to tell. They reflected the daily grind of hard work through their chips and imperfections.

As I looked more closely, I saw that each nail had grown. Some lengthened with struggle, while others just grew, not a chip in sight.

So, as I sat there looking at my nails, thinking, "I really should go for a manicure," it struck me: This is a perfect metaphor for life.


1. We are all connected to something bigger.

2. Despite us, there is growth.

3. Sometimes, growth looks messy and reminds us of the challenging obstacles we've come up against.

4. Sometimes, growth is seamless, unaffected by the hard knocks and daily battles.

5. Despite coming from the same body of consciousness and being, each of us is an individual, and we show our individuality differently.

6. Some work harder than others.

7. There is no shame in revealing our imperfections, but if it bothers us that much ... fix it.

8. If we aren't great at fixing it ourselves, some professionals and experts can help us.

And as the manicurist says every time I enter the salon: "Sweetie, choose your color."

We have a choice to shine. We can color our world with whatever shade we choose.

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