The Kindness Ball

5 min Kids Activity Meditation & Mindfulness, Learning & Wisdom
Teach kids to shine their kindness outward for all to see.
The Kindness Ball


Invite the group to sit in a circle.


Say, "This is the kindness ball. We are going to pass it around in a circle, nice and carefully. We are not allowed to speak with our mouths. Instead, we are going to speak with our bodies. As you pass the ball, say something kind in your mind to the person you are receiving the ball from and to the person you pass the ball to. The goal of the game is to try to make your kindness shine outward so that others can see it."


Ask the group to share a few examples of how they can show kindness with their bodies without touching someone else (for example, smiling, looking the other person in the eyes, bowing or nodding their heads, or giving their full attention). 


Start passing the ball, reminding everyone to go slowly and carefully as they act out a kind gesture with their face and body when it’s their turn.


Requires a ball or object to pass around.

  • Teaching kids to express kindness fosters compassion and confidence.