The New Laurel’s Kitchen

Ten Speed Press (1986)
The New Laurel’s Kitchen

Laurel’s Kitchen — along with The Moosewood Cookbook and Diet for a Small Planet — helped propel the counterculture’s ecologically-driven vegetarianism towards the mainstream. The New Laurel’s Kitchen was a heavily revised edition published a decade after the 1976 original. Beyond the broad range of recipes, techniques, and useful information about ingredients, the last 150 pages are a comprehensive, in-depth course on nutrition written at a time when fad diets were beginning to dominate the popular discourse. By promoting whole-food vegetarianism as an absolute good — affordable, beneficial for our bodies, and easier on the planet — this book continues to resonate in its fifth decade. 

The Benefits: Vegetarianism, whether as a durable lifestyle or just on a meal-to-meal basis, is a boon to your health. This time-tested tome offers tons of inspiration whatever your diet or skill level. 

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