The Book of Dals

Penguin (2023)
The Book of Dals

Pratibha Karan’s day job was that of a busy bureaucrat working for the Indian government, but her personal life revolved around good food — both cooking from scratch for family and friends and learning about regional cuisines. The Book of Dals is her third cookbook and Karan works with the impressive variety of lentils and legumes in India to offer recipes that are simple and accessible with innovative tweaks. She adds local vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits to make the dals filling and spices that bring forth the regional flavors of each dal dish. Noteworthy are the hearty dal recipes from India’s neighbors — Sindh in Pakistan in the northwest, Sri Lanka in the south, and the Himalayan country of Nepal, all with distinct flavor profiles. The last chapter is devoted to soups made with a range of lentils and legumes that make for a nourishing finale.

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The Benefits

Pratibha Karan’s dal recipes in the book are:

  • Full of regional flavors from the Indian sub-continent
  • Cooked with gut-friendly spices, vegetables, and fruits
  • Nutritious and nourishing with healthy plant-protein recipes