Hachette (2021)

Rohit Ghai, the London-based chef and restauranteur, pays tribute to his mother’s home cooking in Tarkari. The mindfully curated set of recipes showcase the versatility of vegetarian dishes in Indian cooking. From his native Punjabi dishes from the north, Maharashtrian and Gujarati dishes from western India to Malabar in the south, Ghai offers a wide range of tarkari or vegetable recipes. Indian vegetarian dishes are elevated by the quintessential range of masalas or spice mixes and cooking techniques which the book explains in easy language for readers unfamiliar with regional cooking traditions. Hearty legume dishes like pindi chole, root vegetable salads like carrot koshambir, avocado chutney, mango aamras puri, and the inventive one-pot mushroom and truffle khichdi make for a mouthwatering range of recipes to choose from, colored by personal anecdotes and memories.

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The Benefits

Read this book to know about:

  • The variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes across India and Nepal
  • A healthy mix of Indian spices, vegetables, and cooking techniques
  • The marriage of wellbeing and nutrition in the recipes