Himalayan Vegetarian Cuisine

Niyogi Books (2021)
Himalayan Vegetarian Cuisine

Veena Sharma’s Vegetarian Cuisine from the Himalayan Foothills was born after she left smoggy Delhi to breathe in the crisp mountain air of Rishikesh, and break the monotony of her decades-old academic life. In the sacred town, she chased gastronomic nirvana in a “holistic manner.” Her homegrown cookbook is an easy exploration of the local plants and forgotten or lesser-known grains, vegetables, and fruits of the Himalayan heights. You’ll find notes on wild turmeric, fiddlehead greens, multicolored kidney beans, pearl millet, Himalayan bamboo shoots, amaranth leaves, and more. In Hindu mythology, the Himalayan foothills of the Garhwal region are considered “dev bhumi” or the land the gods. The Beatles put Rishikesh on the global map when they swung by in the 1960s, and the town is now a yoga capital for New Age wellness seekers. Much like the various strains of spirituality and culture of this region, Sharma’s recipes are a mixed bag: colocasia leaf bread, finger millet pancakes, vegan brulee made of leguminous milk, and a wicked hemp seed chutney are among its healthy highlights.

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The Benefits

Following a slow life with vegan and vegetarian food in the Himalayan region is gainful.

  • Brings us closer to Mother Earth with seasonal food
  • Elevates our day with meditative cooking practices
  • Helps to be mindful about cooking and eating food