Choir of the Valley

46-mins Video

About this video

Strings and synth voices create a soundscape to make you feel on the verge of the spectacular.

About the artist

Johnny Del Toro

Johnny Del Toro

Johnny DelToro is a composer, sound designer, and music producer with a deep passion for story-telling. Following his studies at Bucknell University and the Sydney Conservatory, Johnny has gone on to create music for movies, soundtracks for video games, and perform studio engineering for a multitude of artists (such as Jade Bird and Phoebe Bridgers). He works frequently as a score producer, orchestrator, music editor, and sound editor in the film world. Recent feature film projects include The Hating Game (starring Lucy Hale), Hustle (Adam Sandler), Chupa (Directed by Jonás Cuarón), for which Johnny played a variety of sound and music production roles. Moving with the global shift to online content creation, Johnny often collaborates with youtube and tiktok influencers/performers such as The Wellermen, Bobby Waters, Cullen Vance, Mia Asano. He is also highly active in the world of vocal music, working as a singer, producer, and arranger. He writes regularly for choirs and vocal ensembles, has earned multiple CARA nominations and awards within "best arrangement" and "best produced" categories, and compiled a lengthy list of inclusions on national best-of compilation albums such as BOCA, and Voices Only.
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