The Green Roasting Tin

Square Peg (2018)
The Green Roasting Tin

This one is for lovers of traybakes or sheet-pan dinners. Busy folks without much time to spare, but who like to prepare fresh and healthy meals, should dip into bestselling cookbook author Rukmini Iyer’s lavishly produced volume. The Green Roasting Tin offers multiple meal options and smart ways to introduce vegetables, greens, beans, textures, and colors to your plate. Pick recipes according to the time you have to spare and the ingredients available in your kitchen to toss together anything from a quick, 30-minute weekday dinner to elaborate special-occasional fare. The book is heavy on gratins, pies, and roasted dishes, but who’s complaining about that? The no-nonsense feel, dish pairings, and helpful tips are complemented by Iyer’s food styling showcased in mouthwatering images.

The Benefits

Vegan and vegetarian one-dish recipes help you:

  • Add more fiber to aid digestion
  • Balance nutrition
  • Optimize cooking time