Rupa Publications (2023)

Food gurus recommend that cooking at home and including diversity on the plate is a good way to nutritional wellbeing. Here’s an Indian cookbook that is regionally agnostic, eagerly sharing recipes and splashing pictures of mouthwatering food influenced by both India and the world. Roopali Mohanti has decades of experience working in hotel management in India, but her secret diary contained recipes collected from her mother and the food she tasted during her nomadic childhood. (Her father’s deputation in the Indian Navy took him across the country and the world.) Her first cookbook, “Servings,” offers multi cuisine regional recipes across India and the globe including Thai, Moroccan, Nepali, British, Italian (a sumptuous ratatouille is also in), meant to inspire both aspiring and seasoned home cooks to try out a variety of dishes for all occasions. Recipes include a traditional Odia pitha with a twist, tomato rolls, asparagus cottage cheese tartlets, a pomegranate chutney, plus jalapeño, cheese, and onion muffins. With nearly 500 recipes there’s surely something for everyone.  

The Benefits

Servings is a book that’s good for:

  • Learning to cook varied dishes from across India and the globe
  • Getting creative with ingredients to bring new cultural pairings
  • Helping the home cook be practical and inventive