Nadiya’s Simple Spices

Michael Joseph (2023)
Nadiya’s Simple Spices

Britain’s subcontinental spice girl, Nadiya Hussain’s latest cookbook, “Nadiya’s Simple Spices,” is a homecoming of sorts. She pays homage to her mother and grandmother through the language of spices that flavor her Bangladeshi culinary roots. Hussain chooses a mix of eight whole and ground spices she has inherited from her foremothers that she finds comforting for her growing family today. Her spice box consists of whole cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, fennel seeds, bay leaves and ground turmeric, cumin, curry masala powder, and chili powder. All find their way in traditional and new combinations for all recipes in the book, from breakfast to dessert. Plus, we are introduced to her signature ground spice mix that she calls Art masala, a blend that flavors curries and more. Nadiya’s book is a fun way to learn how these healing spices lend themselves to various avatars elevating staple dishes to special ones.  

The Benefits

Read Nadiya’s Simple Spices to know:

  • The fundamental ground and whole spices for your kitchen
  • The benefits and flavor profile of spices
  • Simple recipes flavored with the goodness of spices