Superhero Poses

5 min Kids Activity Meditation & Mindfulness
You can instantly feel more powerful simply by changing your posture.
Superhero Poses

Power posing, or standing like a superhero, is a quick way to boost feelings of self-confidence. Since being popularized in a 2012 TED Talk by social psychologist Amy Cuddy, power posing has been used by countless people to feel calmer and more composed before a challenging situation, like a presentation or a sports game. Some studies even suggest that practicing these poses can reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Think of it as your very own superpower!

Step 1

Stand up and take your first superhero stance with your hands in fists and down by your sides.

Step 2

Plant your feet firmly on the ground and focus on feeling strong and powerful.

Step 3

Now place your hands on your hips. Lift your chin and puff out your chest. Stay like this for a moment, standing strong.

Step 4

Next, bring your arms up and over your head into a V and spread your fingers wide in a sign of victory!

Step 5

Can you think of any other superhero power poses? Try them now.