Everyday Scientists

5 min Kids Activity Meditation & Mindfulness
Build present-moment awareness and promote focus and gratitude.
Everyday Scientists

Ignite kids’ natural curiosity and help them develop appreciation for ordinary objects in the world around them. By observing something mindfully through a “viewfinder,” children will enhance their concentration while awakening a sense of wonder. Connecting with objects in their environment helps them feel grounded in the present moment and can be a valuable tool for promoting focus, emotion regulation, and feelings of gratitude.

Step 1

Tell everyone, “We are going to pretend we are scientists, and this room is our laboratory. The items around us are our specimens.” Ask them to pick one object to be their specimen, which they will study and investigate.

Step 2

Explain that they will practice mindfulness by using one of their hands as a viewfinder to focus on a single object. First, they will cover one eye with one hand. Then they will hold the other hand up to their open eye and loosely curl their fingers to make a circle.

Step 3

Ask them to look through the circle created by their hand, as if looking through a telescope, at only their chosen object, excluding everything else from their sight. Instruct them to scan their object with their open eye, noting as many details as possible and noticing the colors, textures, and shadows.

Step 4 

Remind them to take slow deep breaths as they focus on their objects, helping them concentrate like a scientist would.

Step 5 

Tell kids to relax and put their hands down and to look at their objects with curiosity and awe. Have them contemplate the following questions:

Where did this object come from?

How was it created?

What journey did it take to get here?  

  • Teaching kids mindful observation builds awareness and appreciation of the world around them.
  • Getting grounded and connecting with the environment helps kids focus and build emotion regulation tools.