This is Roundglass Living.

This is our story.

Our Purpose

The pace and pressures of busy modern life can leave us feeling mentally and physically depleted. We’ve all heard that we need to get more sleep, eat healthier, and learn to enjoy the moment. But in real life, these things are hard to do on your own.

That’s why Roundglass Living was created — to help people everywhere develop healthier habits and empower them to transform their own lives.

Our Mission

At Roundglass Living, our mission is to help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives through the practice of wholistic wellbeing.

By offering access to the world’s best teachers, innovative tools for forming healthy habits, and scientifically-backed resources, we enable people to make lasting changes that improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Our Founder

Sunny Gurpreet Singh is an entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Seattle, US.
He created Roundglass, a global Wholistic Wellbeing organization in 2014.

Sunny began his entrepreneurial journey with a goal — to make healthcare delivery better for patients, caregivers, and professionals — and his own company, Edifecs, in 1996. Today, Edifecs is a profitable multinational company and a market leader in the global healthcare technology space with over 350 healthcare customers serving more than 215 million lives.

Through his experience in the US healthcare system, Sunny realized the importance of a proactive wellness approach. Roundglass offers the Roundglass Living app, which provides technology-driven solutions, expert-led content, and access to renowned wellbeing coaches and mental health experts. It serves as a tool to assist people in making positive, long-term changes and enhancing their lives.

As a philanthropist, Sunny established Roundglass Giving, which includes social impact initiatives such as the Roundglass Foundation, Roundglass Sports and Roundglass Sustain, aimed at promoting wellbeing for the communities and the planet.