Performance Pressure Is Real

Of U.S. high school athletes experience stress due to sports.
Of kids in the U.S. stop playing sports by age 13 due to stress.
Of high school athletes want help managing stress but don’t receive it.
Of U.S. high school athletes experience stress due to sports.
Of kids in the U.S. stop playing sports by age 13 due to stress.
Of high school athletes want help managing stress but don’t receive it.
Of U.S. high school athletes experience stress due to sports.
Of kids in the U.S. stop playing sports by age 13 due to stress.
Of high school athletes want help managing stress but don’t receive it.

We’re here to help.

Daily Focus on Personal Wellbeing

Looking to level up your habits, sit out the stress, or block your
doubts? We’ll customize a daily strategy for you based on your goal.

Put the Power of Science
Behind Your Goals


Select a goal in an area of your life that you want to work on.


Harness science-backed techniques developed by experts.


Strengthen the mental muscles you need for lasting change.


Less doubt, more clarity. Fewer distractions, more focus. Less noise, more you.

Your Game Plan for Optimal Wellbeing

It’s all inside your daily feed


We can help


Get expert
Take action.
Make progress
We can help

Mood Check-Ins

Track emotions.
Identify triggers.
Watch your
mood improve.
We can help


Move. Eat well.
Unwind. Sleep.
We can help

Fuel Victory — Every Day

Power your day with breathwork, meditation, mindfulness,
movement, healthy eating, music, and sleep stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roundglass Living

What is Roundglass Living?

Roundglass Living is a premier digital Wholistic Wellbeing solution designed to enhance your overall health and happiness. The app uniquely offers a personalized daily wellbeing plan filled with evidence-based practices, including breathwork, meditation, yoga, healthy recipes, cooking lessons, music, and sleep stories. With these tools, Roundglass Living helps you make positive changes to your life, one day at a time.

What does the Roundglass name mean?

Roundglass offers people a view of their inherent wholeness and unity. Like a lens, we bring to focus the lives each of us can build and the world we can create. What is round has no beginning or end, just as the journey of wellbeing is an ongoing approach to living.

Why does Roundglass Living spell wholistic with a w?

Sunny Gurpreet Singh, founder of Roundglass, spells the word wholistic with a w as a gentle reminder that true individual wellbeing comes from nurturing wellbeing in all aspects of life—physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, financial, and professional.

What are the benefits of Roundglass Living?

Roundglass Living helps you excel in both your personal and professional lives by offering daily support to improve sleep, manage stress, enhance relationships, and promote mindful movement. The app provides a comprehensive tool kit of science-backed resources, such as meditation, yoga, and healthy-eating tips. Regular engagement with these tools can boost your mental and physical health, fostering a sense of peace, inspiration, and resilience. Continuous practice can profoundly impact your day-to-day life and help you realize your full potential as both an individual and a member of your organization.

How can I access Roundglass Living’s wellbeing solution?

Accessing the benefits of Roundglass Living is simple. All you have to do is download the Roundglass Living app for Android or iOS by scanning the QR code provided by your organization. You can also download the Roundglass Living app from the App Store and Google Play Store. Be sure to register with your official email for free access.

What kind of content can I expect in my daily wellbeing plan?

Your daily wellbeing plan in the Roundglass Living app is customized and based on your personal preferences and wellbeing goals. It includes a variety of content, such as breathwork exercises, guided meditations, yoga sessions, nutritious recipes, relaxing sleep stories, and motivational articles—all aimed at enhancing your physical, mental, and emotional health.

How does Roundglass Living ensure the quality of its content?

At Roundglass Living, we pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our content. All our wellbeing practices and resources are developed and reviewed by a team of experts in health and wellness, including certified yoga instructors, meditation practitioners, experienced nutritionists and chefs, and renowned mental health professionals. We continually update our content to incorporate the latest research in wellbeing practices and longevity.

Why is the Roundglass Living solution app-based rather than in person?

We believe that a digital solution increases accessibility, convenience, scalability, and personalization. It allows us to seamlessly integrate all aspects of wellbeing—including mental wellbeing, physical health, nutrition, and mindfulness practices—into one tool kit that you can access anytime and anywhere.

How can I get help with a problem or provide feedback on the app?

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions to improve the Roundglass Living app, we're here to help! You can contact us via email or phone or directly through the in-app support feature. We value your feedback and are committed to responding promptly to ensure your experience is as smooth and beneficial as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and are eager to assist with any inquiries.

Are there any costs associated with using the app?

Roundglass Living may be offered as part of your corporate wellness program; in which case, it is usually provided at no direct cost to employees. However, any costs associated with the app depends on the specific agreement between Roundglass and your organization. Please check with your HR department for details on any fees that might apply.

Does the app track my usage?

Yes, Roundglass Living tracks your progress and engagement to help tailor content to your wellbeing journey more effectively. The app monitors the practices you participate in and measures your progress over time, providing insights that help personalize your experience.

How does the app ensure the privacy and security of my personal data?

Roundglass Living prioritizes user privacy and data security. All personal data is encrypted and stored securely. We adhere to stringent data protection regulations to ensure your information remains confidential. Though we provide general data to organizations for engagement reports, we do not share individual data without consent.

How do I redeem the subscription provided by my organization?

To redeem a subscription, simply scan the QR code provided by your organization to download the app and complete the registration process. This will grant you access to all the features of Roundglass Living.

Can I share content in the app with my family, friends, and teammates?

Content in Roundglass Living is tailored for personal use and tied to your individual subscription. While you cannot share this content directly through your account, your family, friends, and teammates are welcome to download the app independently and explore its features.

How do I start my wellbeing journey with Roundglass Living?

Starting your wellbeing journey with Roundglass Living is straightforward. After you have downloaded the app using the QR code from your organization and registered with your official email, you can immediately begin exploring the app’s many features. We recommend starting with a personal wellness assessment to personalize your daily wellbeing.

What benefits does Roundglass Living offer for athletes?

Roundglass Living helps support optimal athletic performance by providing easy access to wellbeing resources. Our app offers techniques to sleep better, reduce stress, enhance focus, and recover effectively, which are crucial for athletic and personal success. Additionally, the app’s daily wellbeing feeds and activities can help athletes maintain a balanced lifestyle during training.

Can Roundglass Living be integrated into my existing fitness routine?

Yes, Roundglass Living can seamlessly integrate into an existing fitness routine. Our app complements training programs by providing a digital platform that extends support beyond traditional fitness routines, providing mental and physical wellbeing resources to enhance performance and recovery.

How can Roundglass Living benefit teams?

Teams can use Roundglass Living to promote mental and physical health among their athletes and staff. The app provides a platform for organizing group wellness activities, such as virtual yoga sessions, pregame meditation practices, and healthy-cooking classes. This not only supports the wellbeing of team members but also fosters a sense of community within the team.

Does the app offer challenges to motivate teams?

Yes, Roundglass Living offers various challenges that can be undertaken as a team. These group challenges are designed to engage and motivate team members, promoting healthy competition and camaraderie while focusing on achieving personal and collective wellbeing goals.