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Democratizing Wholistic Wellbeing For the World.

The Founder of Roundglass, Sunny (Gurpreet) Singh, dreams of a world where all of humanity lives happy, healthy lives in harmony with their respective communities while nurturing the planet. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: To inspire the power of Wholistic Wellbeing to create a more joyful world.

Roundglass, founded in 2014, is working to empower and enable individuals and communities on the path of Wholistic Wellbeing by providing them with the necessary resources — digital solutions, engaging content by the world’s top experts, and immersive experiences — to do so. Rooted in the philosophy of Wholistic Wellbeing, Roundglass addresses the needs of the ‘whole’ person across eight dimensions or pillars — mental, physical, spiritual, financial, professional, social, community, and planetary. 

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Sunny Gurpreet Singh

Sunny Gurpreet Singh

Entrepreneur and philanthropist bringing wellbeing to the world.
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