Meeting Ignited Minds at Plaksha University

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Watch my interaction with more than 100 curious young minds at Plaksha University in Mohali, Punjab. It was a rewarding experience and took me back to my varsity days.

On my last visit to Mohali, India, I took the opportunity to interact with students from Plaksha University, which is reimagining engineering education as it needs a refresh to adapt to the changing times. I’m closely associated with the university as a Founder and Trustee and want to contribute to making it a place of differential learning. Plaksha offers a B.Tech program and a Technology Leaders Program (TLP).

In a freewheeling and unconventional chat with the students, I heard from them about their dreams, aspirations, challenges, and their moonshot ideas to change the world. The students had several questions for me — how to stay happy and well, how to stay motivated and how to overcome the challenges of developing technology for social good.

I asked them to look within to find their purpose in life and do things they want to do. I shared with them my life’s mission of seeking and democratizing Wholistic Wellbeing and told them how living a life of wellbeing can make them physically and mentally stronger and help them achieve their goals. At 58 years, I feel my best years are ahead of me simply because I follow a life centred around Wholistic Wellbeing.

I also shared my learnings from my long and challenging entrepreneurial journey and encouraged them to take risks and not shy away from being non-conformist. I urged them to choose career paths that don’t cause collateral damage to humanity and the planet. 

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