Sowmya's Story

Sowmya Raoh started singing at the age of 7. Her lifelong devotion to the craft was briefly paused while she was in school to better focus on her studies. She gradually turned her attention toward singing. Having learned Carnatic classical music since childhood, Raoh wanted to move into the ppular music arena. She started doing the rounds in the studio, singing in different spaces and learning the craft on the job. Eventually, she ventured into singing for films, "I had always wanted to sing for heroines in mainstream cinema," she says.

Raoh started her career as a singer in South Indian films in 1993. Her major break happened when composer Sandeep Chowta chose Raoh for the song "Greekuveerudu" in the 1996 Telugu film “Ninne Pelladatha,” which became a runaway hit. Raoh got her entry into Bollywood in 2001 and has since sung many Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu film songs. She has also performed in shows all over the globe. Raoh has composed music independently for her own songs, and in collaboration with her composing partner and music producer Jim Satya for their duo Sowm&Jim. She now uses her voice in the field of meditation.