Sophie's Story

An experienced hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing teacher, doula, and meditation teacher with a background in psychology, Sophie Fox brings her fascination and understanding of the human mind, along with her deep passion for helping others to her teaching style.

"I have always believed that the power of the mind is incredibly significant in making changes," she says. "Being able to guide others through their own personal journey is a real honor. I like to think that my teaching style is demonstrative of my passion to help, keeping any guidance simple but informative and always bearing the listener in mind when delivering more complex or sensitive meditations." 

Sophie first began her journey when she learned how to still her own mind and influence her mindset through the power of hypnotherapy. She found that through compounding the powerful messaging in hypnotherapy, she was able to grow her confidence and finally go after her chosen path of teaching others how to benefit from the incredible power of hypnotherapy and meditation. 

Sophie first set up an office on Harley Street in London supporting people with a variety of issues including anxiety, confidence, stress, phobias, insomnia and many more. She then worked with corporates around the world helping them to support their employees with wellbeing and happiness in the workplace. Sophie now works with individuals online and face to face to make those changes they've been pursuing.

Sophie has a bachelor's degree in psychology and is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register. Sophie's deep-rooted interest in the mind has led her on her own path of discovery and development and she is now thrilled to be able to share her teachings with others so they can also find their true path of light and discovery.