Ranjith's Story

Ranjith Vallathol offers a unique combination of yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom,meditation, and counseling for complete wellbeing. He is a teacher, author, energy healer, and an Ayurvedic and clinical nutrition expert. 

After receiving a degree in psychology from the University of Madras, Vallathol attended his first yoga class and knew he had found his path forward. Recognizing that yoga and meditation were effective media for wholesome living, he went on to earn three yoga certifications and his diploma as a clinical nutritionist. Vallathol's wealth of knowledge in various healing modalities helps him ignite personal transformation. He inspires his students to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and get in touch with their unlimited, powerful selves. 

As the founder of Thathasthu Wellness, Vallathol helps make healthy living accessible through wellness products inspired by Ayurveda and modern nutrition. Through his teaching, Vallathol hopes to inspire others to live in alignment with the radiant, beautiful core of who they are. He offers simple practices that support living in alignment, which can be easily integrated into daily life.