Mariam's Story

Growing up in a Muslim and Ango-Indian family, Mariam was raised on a diet that was partial to meat and sweets. Then, as a successful model, with over 400 campaigns to her credit, her lifestyle was dominated by yoyo dieting and sugar cravings. Her journey of healing her own relationship with food led her back to school and then to a new career as a health and nutrition coach.

Mariam encourages her clients to take a holistic approach to food, to help them find balance amidst their busy lifestyles. She is an expert in promoting nutritious foods and curating wholesome menus without compromising on taste.

Mariam is also involved in college outreach programs and conducting workshops on clean eating. After the success of her three-day cleanse program in Bengaluru, she launched a range of whole-food plant-based desserts and snacks for retail. Mariam is also the founder of The Preloved Co, a not-for-profit initiative that works to keep fast fashion items from reaching landfill sites.

Mariam’s masterclasses on YouTube help people identify and eliminate foods causing health issues, elevate their daily meals, and clean up their kitchens to make them more conducive to sustainable food choices.

Mariam views good health as “the coming together of food, mental and emotional areas, interpersonal relationships, and spirituality”. Her goal is to heal your relationship with food.