Palma's Story

Palma Michel was initially introduced to yoga when she was 18 years old, and she later deepened her meditation and mindfulness practice while living in Asia as a board-level headhunter. The experience inspired her to create a business that combines coaching and meditative wisdom techniques to empower CEOs, founders, emerging leaders, and high potentials to get out of their comfort zone, take on extraordinary challenges, and access their full potential even when under pressure.

Michel works at the intersection of high performance, peak wellbeing, and positive impact. She also works with people who have experienced burnout or other serious health issues. “Meditation is for me, like coming home and resting in the ground of being over and over again,” she says. “It is no longer just a practice but has become an embodied way of being.”

Michel is a certified mindfulness-based awareness coach; has taken courses in positive psychology, the science of happiness, and neuroscience; and is trained in vortex healing, Reiki, and sound healing. She has introduced meditation to startups, global multinationals, creative businesses, and governmental organizations, and she’s passionate about empowering her clients to reconnect with their innate wholeness and inner wisdom. She is the author of “The Authority Guide to Mindful Leadership” and the host of “Explorer’s Mind Podcast,” where she interviews people who have followed seemingly impossible dreams and created positive impact.