Jay's Story

As a designer in the tech industry, Jay Vidyarthi knows well the solutions that technology offers society — as well as its power to erode our attention. The key to keeping it helpful and not harmful, Vidyarthi believes, is mindfulness. “Our smartphones, social media, sensationalist news and addictive design patterns are noticeably shifting our mental states and moods, and many of us are searching for a renewed focus and clarity in daily life,” he says. “I believe that mindfulness will play a key role in our collective response to this crisis of mind.” 

Vidyarthi has maintained a consistent meditation practice for more than a decade, attending many extended retreats for practice and facilitator training (Monastic Academy, Shinzen Young, Plum Village, Goenka Vipassana, MBSR, Sharon Salzberg, Unified Mindfulness, Mind & Life and more). He has created guided meditations used by hundreds of thousands of people and offers one-on-one coaching, casual group sessions and evidence-based training.