Sunny's Story

Sunny Gurpreet Singh is an entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Seattle, US. He is the founder of Roundglass, a global Wholistic Wellbeing organization established in 2014.

Sunny began his entrepreneurial journey with a goal — to make healthcare delivery better for patients, caregivers, and professionals — and his own company, Edifecs, in 1996. Today, Edifecs is a profitable multinational company and a market leader in the global healthcare technology space with over 350 healthcare customers serving more than 215 million lives.

Through his experience in the US healthcare system, Sunny realized the importance of a proactive wellness approach. Roundglass offers the Roundglass Living app, which provides technology-driven solutions, expert-led content, and access to renowned wellbeing coaches and mental health experts. It serves as a tool to assist people in making positive, long-term changes and enhancing their lives.

As a philanthropist, Sunny established Roundglass Giving, which includes social impact initiatives such as the Roundglass Foundation, Roundglass Sports, and Roundglass Sustain, aimed at promoting wellbeing for the communities and the planet.

The Roundglass Foundation, is working to improve the lives of people in Punjab, India, the community that shaped Sunny, through on-ground initiatives around sports and learning for children, women's empowerment, tree plantation, waste management, and much more. These have already impacted over 1.6 million people across more than 1700 villages.

Roundglass Sports provides access to an international standard of coaching for the children and youth of Punjab to explore their potential in sports such as football, hockey, and tennis. The Roundglass Punjab Football Club recently made history by being the first club to be promoted to the ISL.

Roundglass Sustain with over 55million+ impressions, just in 2022, has a two-fold mission of documenting biodiversity and increasing awareness with an intention to build a conservation and sustainability mindset, thereby arresting the decline of species and wild habitats.