Christina's Story

From a young age, Christina Dufour had a knack for envisioning possibilities and aligning with them, not allowing circumstances to define her. A series of personal losses of loved ones led to a deep curiosity about life and living beyond traditional constructs, sparking a deeper interest in spirituality. “My wondering what makes life meaningful, what really matters, how our beliefs and perspectives affect quality of life, what wellbeing actually means, and why it makes a difference became an active journey instead of mere questioning,” she says. That led her to pursue new things outside of the banking career she’d been working in since age 17. She signed up for a yoga teacher training course, not with the intention of becoming an instructor but to use it to help herself during a difficult time. It did just that.

Today, Dufour brings mindfulness education and wellbeing life coaching to executives, entrepreneurs, and employee wellbeing programs for corporate teams through her company The Carnelian Connection. She has a degree in business management and organization, and holds certifications in mindfulness, meditation, qigong, deep relaxation, and yoga instruction. She trained in Buddhist meditation under Achan Mongkol Khantibalo of Thailand and David Nichtern.