Yoga to Balance Nature's Elements

7-session Course Meditation & Mindfulness, Yoga
Yoga to Balance Nature's Elements

About this course

According to the ancient Indian system of wholistic healing called Ayurveda, everything in the universe is made up of a combination of 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Inside our bodies, when these elements are out of balance, we feel disharmony — physically and mentally. In this course, yoga teacher Shani Dayal teaches how to use yoga, meditation, and breathwork to harmonize the elements, so you can feel calm and balanced in your mind and body. 

About the teacher

Shani Dayal

Shani Dayal

Shani Dayal is passionate about teaching others the importance of mobility, body conditioning and joint health in her yoga practice. She gives special importance to body and mind relaxation, destressing the nervous system and using the tools of pranayama and meditation for overall mental and physical wellbeing.
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7 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. It All Starts with Balance
    1. It All Starts with Balance
    Learn how your body corresponds to the five elements — and why keeping them in balance is the key to mind-body harmony.
    11 mins
  3. Earth Element: Find Stability
    2. Earth Element: Find Stability
    Use breathwork and asana to balance the earth element in your body.
    21 mins
  4. Water Element: Find Stability
    3. Water Element: Find Stability
    This movement practice will calm the mind and open up your body and emotions to flow fluidly.
    17 mins
  5. Fire Element: Find Your Passion
    4. Fire Element: Find Your Passion
    Fire is all about passion. Harness it to manage anger, navigate toxicity, and ignite your passion.
    16 mins
  6. Air Element: Find Freedom
    5. Air Element: Find Freedom
    Breathe and move your body to free your mind of worries.
    15 mins
  7. Space Element: Express Yourself
    6. Space Element: Express Yourself
    Stretch and breathe to boost self-expression.
    15 mins
  8. Final Balancing Act
    7. Final Balancing Act
    This final yoga and breathwork practice will help you find balance and mind-body harmony — on and off the mat.
    16 mins