Whirling for Divine Connection

9-session Course Rituals & Ceremonies, Music & Art
Whirling for Divine Connection

About this course

The meditative dance of whirling is something that can come to us naturally, instinctively, and spontaneously — if we tap into the turn — the motion is already within us. Join longtime whirler Zia Nath in this course that covers everything you need to know to try this sacred dance, from the practical movements to the historical context to the deeply spiritual aspects of this meditative movement. If you can walk, you can whirl.

About the teacher

Zia Nath

Zia Nath

Whirling instructor Zia Nath believes sacred dances transcend religion and spirituality, bringing us into the mystic consciousness. She is India’s first internationally certified biodynamic craniosacral therapist and organizes diploma courses in the subject.
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9 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. The Axis of Our Spine
    1. The Axis of Our Spine
    All forces of creation have a design that creates a circular pattern, and that same force is within us.
    24 mins
  3. Fulcrums of Stillness
    2. Fulcrums of Stillness
    In whirling, we are working with the balance of two opposing forces: stillness and motion.
    22 mins
  4. The Center and the Periphery
    3. The Center and the Periphery
    When we find a center to focus on, we sharpen our reflexes, settle our restlessness, and develop deep presence.
    26 mins
  5. The Inner Compass
    4. The Inner Compass
    The hara, a Japanese term for the belly, is our center of gravity, stable field of presence, and inner compass.
    25 mins
  6. Where Your Eyes Go, Your Mind Follows
    5. Where Your Eyes Go, Your Mind Follows
    Explore how movement and emotion are connected.
  7. Concentric Circles
    6. Concentric Circles
    Whirling mirrors the sacred geometry found in nature, like the universal symbol of the mandala.
    31 mins
  8. Advanced Whirling Techniques
    7. Advanced Whirling Techniques
    Practice a variety of feet patterns that can be used in whirling, all of which offer a different inner feeling.
    23 mins
  9. Nothingness: The Origin of All That Is
    8. Nothingness: The Origin of All That Is
    When we enter into the practice of sacred surrender, the result is nothing-ness — and that is bliss.
    23 mins
  10. To Be Whirled by a Skirt
    9. To Be Whirled by a Skirt
    The whirling skirt is more than a pretty prop; it's actually a teacher.
    30 mins