Live Fearlessly Amid Uncertainty

12 Sessions Course Meditation & Mindfulness
Live Fearlessly Amid Uncertainty

In this course, you'll learn:

  • To embrace the unknown and the wonderful possibility of what may come next.
  • To experience the present moment for the gift that it is.

About this Course

Fearful thoughts, a lack of control, and feeling unsure can keep us stuck, unable to choose our next move. In this course, mindfulness teacher Palma Michel will help you investigate the power in the present moment, notice the lessons that can come from it, and help you get in touch with the part of yourself that is already secure and whole.

About the Teacher

Palma Michel

Palma Michel

Mindfulness Coach Palma Michel helps you unleash the full potential of your mind, allowing you to create a purpose-driven, meaningful, and highly impactful life. Her business combines coaching along with meditative wisdom and techniques to empower CEOs, founders, emerging leaders, and high potentials in a variety of ways.
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12 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Find Your Why
    1. Find Your Why
    Articulate why you're taking this course — and how it will benefit you — by discovering your why.
    10 min
  3. Meet Yourself Where You Are
    2. Meet Yourself Where You Are
    If we're going to change anything in our lives, we have to start by increasing our self-awareness.
    12 min
  4. Lessons From Nature
    3. Lessons From Nature
    Reflect on your innate resilience and the lessons you can learn from nature — because you, too, are nature.
    14 min
  5. The Present Moment as the Perfect Teacher
    4. The Present Moment as the Perfect Teacher
    Experiencing the present moment without distraction can show us things like what we're avoiding or judging.
    14 min
  6. You Are Not the Voice in Your Head
    5. You Are Not the Voice in Your Head
    Bring the stillness of your mind to the foreground and move the churning thoughts to the background.
    16 min
  7. Befriend the Space of Not Knowing
    6. Befriend the Space of Not Knowing
    By connecting the dots of our past, we can trust that things will fall into place in the future.
    13 min
  8. Find Your North Star
    7. Find Your North Star
    You don't need a step-by-step road map to get to your dreams — instead, find a North Star to guide you.
    10 min
  9. Control What You Can Control
    8. Control What You Can Control
    Explore how can you align with what is rather than struggling against it.
    12 min
  10. Choose the Difficult
    9. Choose the Difficult
    Improve your ability to build resilience by stretching outside your comfort zone.
    10 min
  11. Befriend Your Fear
    10. Befriend Your Fear
    Behind every fear is something we care about — when we explore fears with this in mind, how does it change them?
    11 min
  12. Transform Your Fear
    11. Transform Your Fear
    Discover how to take your worst-case scenario — something your deeply fear — and turn it into your best-case scenario.
    13 min
  13. Every Ending Is a New Beginning
    12. Every Ending Is a New Beginning
    Endings can bring a sense of nostalgia, but they also offer a new beginning.
    12 min