Discover the Power of Visualization

3-session Course Meditation & Mindfulness
Discover the Power of Visualization

About this course

Over the course of three sessions, spiritual healer and meditation teacher Tatum Barnes teaches introductory breathwork and visualization practices to awaken the wonder and sponteneity within. See how listening to your intuition and making new choices in the moment can help ease anxiety, stress, and disconnection. 

About the teacher

Tatum Barnes

Tatum Barnes

A channel for the divine, a messenger, and a guide through transitions, Tatum Barnes facilitates meditations that bring people to the Seat of the Sacred within. Barnes enjoys working with diverse populations, including members of the African Diaspora as they embark on their journey of deep healing.
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3 Sessions

  1. Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
  2. Demystify the Mystical
    1. Demystify the Mystical
    Warm up your creative brain with a visualization exercise that calls on breathwork and imagination.
    9 mins
  3. Spark Imagination
    2. Spark Imagination
    Move your brain into states of relaxation and self-healing by tapping into your imagination.
    10 mins
  4. Awaken Spontaneity
    3. Awaken Spontaneity
    We’re all born with a sense of curiosity and impulse — reawaken it to spice up your life.
    14 mins